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Name: Cat Lunar キャット・ルナー [Kyatto Lunaa]

Alias: the Glutton, the Cannibal (Human Eater)

Age: 50 [in 2012]
51 [2013]
52 [2014]

Date of Birth: 6 November

Gender: female

Occupation: normal member

Location and color of Guild mark: tongue; blood red


Magical Skills: Specialized in Caster Magic:

Description of the main magic: Caster Type Magic, Absorption Magic; Caster Transformation Magic, Copy Magic

*Spells: Undead Army: A spell that can reanimate the dead. Can be used only once every three days.

Uses a Weapon: no, but compensates with superhumanly acute senses, voracious appetite, logevity and ability to consume any known material.


Personality: Officially obeys Dante's command but no one really knows what her true intentions are. Originally a wise young woman, her sanity was caved in after Dante tainted her with the extreme aspects of the deadly sin of Gluttony.
Although under normal circumstances is quite docile, is easily prone to bouts of frenzy in which he uncontrollably tries to eat whatever crosses his path (usually someone she has been given permission to eat).

Likes: skulls, skull prints

Dislikes: to have her meals interrupted;

Dream: ????

Biggest enemy: Liona Papini, Dragon Heart

Quotes: „That's a great story. Can I eat it?”
„At my service...? Then you won't mind becoming my lunch...”
„You could buy me dinner. I'm starving.”


❥ Valentine Tower (lover)
❥ Beor Lunar-Tower (son, enemy)
((❥ Marie-Lotte Dartanyan (daughter) – doesn’t know it))
❥ Liona Papini (enemy)
❥ Elenora Papini (enemy)
❥ Jillian Montrose (friend)
((❥ Maria Fallon Marin (in vitro daughter) – doesn’t know it))
❥ Masaru Dragomir (friend, ex-lover)
((❥ X (daughter) – doesn’t know it))
❥ Dante Gareli (guild master, lover)
❥ Battler Lunar (son)
❥ Lyron Sidewinder (boyfriend)
❥ Maggie Lunar-Tower (granddaughter)


Bio: Cat’s boring life turned around when she met architect Valentin Tower. They fell in love at first sight although he was older and married with kids.
At age 18 and 11 months, she gave birth to their son Beor. Valentin made an entire town for her and his bastard son.
At age 22 she gave birth to their daughter, Marie Eva Lotte. The circumstances in which she lost Marie are uncertain. Shortly after losing Marie Eva Lotte, she met Dante and let him make certain „experiments” on her.
At age 28 she ate the Papini family and the arm of the youngest daughter, Liona. Beor rescued the girl and committed his mother to an asylym. An old woman that introduced herself as Jillian Montrose asked Cat to take part in an experiment (Project Maria) in exchange for being released from the asylum.
At age 29, she gave birth to the first living Maria, Maria 6 / Maria 006.
At age 39, she gave birth to a little girl she abandoned in the graveyard (Alxessa „X”).
At age 50, she joined the Purgatory Gate guild.


Any Special/Random Things: theme song: Papa Roach – Getting Away with Murder;
Summer is here. Rejoice.
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Maria Meena - Self-fulfilling Prophecy
  • Reading: The Tale of The Body Thief
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Eating: raspberry cake
  • Drinking: mineral water


Rusari Jubakuno

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