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Name: Elenora Papini エ レノーラ・パピニ

Alias: Ela; The Skeleton;

Age: 32 [2013]; eternally 10 physically
33 [2014]
34 [2015]

Date of Birth: 8th February

Gender: female

Occupation: normal member

Location and color of Guild mark: ona a badge above where her heart was supposed to be; red


Magical Skills:

Description of the main magic:

Uses a Weapon: no


Personality: good willed; a little more self aware about her appearance than should normally be, tries to always look cute;

Likes: wigs

Dislikes: cannibalism

Dream: to live happily with her family

Biggest enemy: Cat Lunar

Quotes: „I don’t feel that dead yet...”


Liona Papini (little sister)
Carlotta Papini (niece)
Lero Lighthammer (summoner/master?, foster father)
Rosa Light (guild master)
Sara Bacovia (ex-future foster mother)


Bio: When she was 10 she and family were captured by Cat Lunar and held in her basement. She watched her parents eaten alive by Cat before she too died at the hands of the cannibal. She never knew her little sister Liona managed to escape with the help of Cat’s son.

At age 32, she was revived by Lero Lighthammer’s necromanting charms and she joined the Lantern Heads guild. Later she was adopted by Lero and Sara.


Any Special/Random Things: doesn’t like the sun; doesn’t need light or eyes to see; wears a dress despite being flesh-less (and underwear too!)
Elenora's LH written app
Because I wanted an immortal, tragic OC.
Tinier Clerval by RusariJubakuno
Tinier Clerval
Clerval Marin


made in:…

Name: Clerval Marin クレーッルバッルマリン [Kureerrubarru Marin]


Age: 20 [in 2014]

Date of Birth: 13 April

Gender: male

Occupation: S class

Location and color of Guild mark:


Magical Skills: Necromance Magic

Description of the main magic: can store items in pocket dimensions, switch weapons and armors in battle, can use telekinesis to manipulate weapons and items


*Magic (his and of others in his family line):

Necromancy is the art of summoning and encircling the shades of the dead. This may represent 'dead' or atavistic memories, the latent subconscious, sleeping aspects of the mind. He can...

...summon these up through the subconscious to the conscious mind, which can prove very dangerous

...see ghosts

...summon ghosts

...banish ghosts

...reanimate corpses, inflict curses, and use life-draining attacks

...manipulate reanimated corpses

...become possesed by spirits and access their memories

...cast spells that not only focus on death, decay, and the undead, but also various forms of life force manipulation, enabling him to heal or cause injury, cure or inflict disease, and perform resurrection

...create black soul gems which are used to trap human souls and harness their magical power


Personality: good-natured... as much as a Marin can be.





Biggest enemy:



Constantin Marin (father) †
Lilian Marin (mother) †
Fallon Marin (half sister)
Neru Vannes (ex-girlfriend)


Bio: Clerval belongs to the line of the family in charge of learning and using necromancy, "the terrible ability to awaken the dead with false life", for the benefit of the Marins.


Any Special/Random Things:

Tinier Maya by RusariJubakuno
Tinier Maya
Maya Vannes


made in:…

Name: Maya Vannes

Known by: Maya

Age: 27 [in 2013]
28 [in 2014]

Gender: female

Date of Birth: 14 June

Hair Color: purple

Eye color: brown

Height: 1.64

Weight: 57

Guild: none yet

Subject they teach: actually Library Keeper

Personality: calm, positive, thoughtful

Handling with students: helpful, likes to help them find books or finish their projects


Neru Zathur (older sister)
Raul Vannes (nephew)
❥ Xiacon Zathur (brother-in-law)
❥ Galahad Mordred Zathur (adopted nephew)
❥ Ziaret Thalia
Zathur (niece)
Cole Surmise (dating?)

Likes: books

Dislikes: loud noises

Hobbies: reading,

Supporting Clubs:

Background: When she was 9, her older sister was bannish from home for becoming pregnant.

18 years later, she took up a job at AoF in hopes of meeting her nice or nephew and, through them, her sister.

Trivia: soon....

Tinier Annabella by RusariJubakuno
Tinier Annabella
Annabella Floare 


made in:…

Name: Annabella Floare


12 [2013]
13 [2014]

14 [2015] 

Date of Birth: january 26

Gender: girl

Occupation: mage

Location and color of Guild mark: wrist, yellow


Description of the main magic: memory magic- has a perfect memory and can also take away other peoples memories or give them new ones. can even manifest memories.

Uses a Weapon:


Personality: calm, realistic, quiet, know it all

Appearance: long, dark blue hair. brown eyes, tan skin

Likes: reading, observing people

Dislikes: loud annoying people

Dream: none

Biggest enemy: none

Quotes: “youre starting to bother me.” “hm… interesting…”


Maloney Floare (twin sister)
Raye Hamilton (guild master)


she was always the smartest one in her family and was always annoyed with the rest of her family for not being as smart as she is, especially Maloney.


Any Special/Random Things:

Summer is here. Rejoice.
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Maria Meena - Self-fulfilling Prophecy
  • Reading: The Tale of The Body Thief
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Eating: raspberry cake
  • Drinking: mineral water


Rusari Jubakuno

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