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Fallon looked around started to see Maloney come out from behind a thick tree trunk. ”You’re... Maloney, right? Maloney Floare. You’re an Aquarius and... You wear pointy hats. ^^;
”Yep. ^^” the little girl answered and looked behind Fallon. ”Awe, those flowers are dead...”
The fire mage glanced over her shoulder in the same direction, for she had turned her back to the gravestone to see Maloney. ”Yeah, I’ve come too replace—”
”I can help!” And a wand materialized in her hand, pointing groundwords.
^^; I can do this without magic... You know... I don’t like relying on magic in every aspect—”
”Go! Random spell that does something!”

Suddenly the ground under the grave started shaking, Cole opened his eyes gasping, then realized he couldn't breath or see. Freaking out, he started clawing at the walls and felt them give way above him. He continued to claw it apart, standing when he could start reaching up. He could feel his and arm reach the surface of wherever he was, and started digging vigorously.

Fallon planted her feet firmly onto the ground when it starts shaking, confused by the effects of her younger guild mate’s magic; the flower vase fell down and the dead plants half spilled out of it... before a hand starts crawling out of the ground, clawing skywards at nothing; she gives a scream and summons her broadsword, ready to bottle the creature? Zombie? Not Cole!!
”Wait, I think~~” Maloney grabbed the hand that undoubtedly belonged to Cole and started pulling, knowing he must be struggling a lot to get out by himself.
All Fallon could do was stare... trembling slightly with her sword risen high.

Cole gripped her hand tightly like a life line as he kept climbing out with Mal’s help. He peeked is head through and, despite being a bit dirty, looked completely fine. Just like he had when he had been alive, blonde hair, freckles, no decay… His eyes were even gray as he looked up at the girl helping him, Mal, and then over at the woman he thought he’d never see again…

Fallon was still staring in shock at the blonde boy. ”Get away, Maloney,” she said and took a step closer with a big frown in her face, looking intent on killing Cole... again. ”Give me one good reason not to cut your head off your shoulders.”
Maloney let go of Cole’s hand suddenly and steps back, amazed at the magic and the strength of her power... it was beyond her wildest dreams.

Cole got out a bit more, pulling his other handless arm out to keep him held up. He looked at Fallon like he’s seeing the sun for the first time… and with some difficulty looked around at his surroundings and back at her. ”….Okay… I know this doesn’t look good… and I don’t think I can explain… but I kinda don’t want to die again.”

Fallon felt like she couldn’t breath when her eyes fell on that handless arm... An image from last spring flashed before her eyes: her crouched over his dying figure, holding tightly into his remaining hand while his other arm reached up to cup her face... like he had done so many times before...
”Yeah... ” Maloney commented as she watched Fallon drop her sword to the ground and she started digging to help Cole get out of the ground completely. ”I wouldn’t want that in your place... ^^; :D

”Jee, thanks…” the blonde boy glanced at Mal helping him, and accepted it, climbing out of the ground and shakily getting to his feet. ”F-Fallon…” he took a wobbly step toward her.

”........ ” A mix of emotions in her heart right then... he couldn’t be alive... she couldn’t allow herself to get dragged into some sort of mind manipulating magic... ”I knew once someone who could make illusions seem real.” She pointed a longsword at his chest, poking it slightly, thought not enough to draw blood. ”.....Who are you really?” She was the adult there; she had to be on her guard more so than Maloney.

Cole was stands still, staring at her pleadingly. ”I’m Cole… I-I don’t know what happened… or how I’m here, but I am… I’m alive…. Dear… please believe me…”

The swordswoman grimaced, obviously fighting not to give in. ”.................. Cole’s dead... Nothing can bring back the dead!!”
”Shut up, Maloney!! And you... You think I’m that easy to fool...?!...”

”Like I said…. I don’t know how this happened… but really, if I was a zombie, would I be able to talk to you like this or would I be moaning something about brains?”

”Or.... you could be the product of someone’s magic...
”You mean like--?
”Like a damn illusion!!”

”Well… can an illusion do this?” the resurrected boy brushed aside her sword and attempted to sweep her up into his arms so he can kiss her, but stumbles a bit and… well it didn’t go very smoothly.

Sword brushed aside, Fallon was careful not to cut him when he swept her up... yes, she was reluctant about stabbing him through the chest again... she couldn’t do it now after she’d felt the warmth of his body... a zombie would be cold and gross... and illusion wouldn’t feel that familiar... is what she’s thinking as they tumble down. ”......Um... ” She gestured with the hand still holding the sword and pointing it outwardly, away from him and her, ”Can you get off...?” she demanded tilting her head back... seeing the graveyard upside down... kind of matching with her inner world right now... with Cole being alive again for real.

”Hold on~~” her ex lover blushed with embarrassment from failing at kissing her (stupid just-came-back-from-being-dead-and-now-all-clumsy syndrome…) and quickly pecked her lips and starts to sit up. ”I had to do that first…”

”Awe~~ now you’re back to being husband and wife! <3 You may kiss the bride.”
Fallon got up as well glaring down at the little witch and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. ”That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you...!! We’re not like that!!”

Cole was grinning like he always did. ”Well technically we are~ it’s not like you ever divorced me.”

”We’re not! We haven’t left the church together!!”

”But you said “I do~” he continued teasing… it was so good to be back!
The One That Made It Back
Thriller | Drama | Fantasy

It was a fine 16th of the month when Fallon visited Cole's grave. What she didn't expect was Maloney stalking her for the fun of it...
Name: Becq Spade  ベック・スペイッドゥ [Bekku Supeiddo]

Alias: Spade

Age: 18 [in 2012]
19 [in 2013]
20 [in 2014]

Date of Birth: 18 October

Gender: male

Occupation: head host

Location and color of Guild mark: right arm, yellow


Magical Skills:

Description of the main magic: Has mastered both the arts of turning invisible (and anything he touches too) and to create Mind Art Magic.


Personality: usually silent and formal, shows a great loyalty toward Raye, despite not bearing romantic feelings for her.
His type of girl is someone with high moral standards.

Phrases: „The tea is served.”
„You're invisible now, don't let go of my hand.”
„I trust in Miss Hamilton’s judgement.”

Likes: chocolate, ice-cream, home-cooked food; his jewelry;

Dislikes: having his creations fade from existence;

Dream: to find the secret to immortality

Biggest enemy: none that he can remember;


❥ Delaney Horace Spade Marin (big brother) †
❥ Aly Brooke (wife)
❥ Liz Longtails (acquaintance)
❥ Luke Brooke (cousin-in-law)
❥ Hermit the Green (acquaintance)
❥ Yelso Tellson (acquaintance)
❥ Semenique Bacovia (acquaintance)
❥ Sara Bacovia (acquaintance)


Bio: Not much is known before he met Raye and encouraged her to make the Blood Seed guild. It is assumed he has amnesia, but no one’s ever really pressed him on this matter.

He is very loyal to his guild master while making attempts to make all guild members feel comfortable. At his and Aly's wedding it was revealed his brother is Delaney Marin, who has died by Collier's hands.


Any Special/Random Things: he has silvery white hair and bright red eyes; also wears golden jewelry;
theme song: Kagamine Len – Servant of Evil
Becq's BS written app
Finally got to upload his profile (he's been making tiny appearances in some rp's before).
Tinier Beor by RusariJubakuno
Tinier Beor
Beor Lunar-Tower

”So cool that everyone naturally gravitates toward him”

made in:…
Summer is here. Rejoice.
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Rusari Jubakuno

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