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Name: Becq Spade  ベック・スペイッドゥ [Bekku Supeiddo]

Alias: Spade

Age: 18 [in 2012]
19 [in 2013]
20 [in 2014]

Date of Birth: 18 October

Gender: male

Occupation: head host

Location and color of Guild mark: right arm, yellow


Magical Skills:

Description of the main magic: Has mastered both the arts of turning invisible (and anything he touches too) and to create Mind Art Magic.


Personality: usually silent and formal, shows a great loyalty toward Raye, despite not bearing romantic feelings for her.
His type of girl is someone with high moral standards.

Phrases: „The tea is served.”
„You're invisible now, don't let go of my hand.”
„I trust in Miss Hamilton’s judgement.”

Likes: chocolate, ice-cream, home-cooked food; his jewelry;

Dislikes: having his creations fade from existence;

Dream: to find the secret to immortality

Biggest enemy: none that he can remember;


❥ Delaney Horace Spade Marin (big brother) †
❥ Aly Brooke (wife)
❥ Liz Longtails (acquaintance)
❥ Luke Brooke (cousin-in-law)
❥ Hermit the Green (acquaintance)
❥ Yelso Tellson (acquaintance)
❥ Semenique Bacovia (acquaintance)
❥ Sara Bacovia (acquaintance)


Bio: Not much is known before he met Raye and encouraged her to make the Blood Seed guild. It is assumed he has amnesia, but no one’s ever really pressed him on this matter.

He is very loyal to his guild master while making attempts to make all guild members feel comfortable. At his and Aly's wedding it was revealed his brother is Delaney Marin, who has died by Collier's hands.


Any Special/Random Things: he has silvery white hair and bright red eyes; also wears golden jewelry;
theme song: Kagamine Len – Servant of Evil
Becq's BS written app
Finally got to upload his profile (he's been making tiny appearances in some rp's before).
Tinier Beor by RusariJubakuno
Tinier Beor
Beor Lunar-Tower

”So cool that everyone naturally gravitates toward him”

made in:…
Name: Éclaire Clare エ クレーッル・クレーッル [Ekureerru Kureerru]

Alias: Liona Clarencieux (original name)

Age: 28 [in 2012]
29 [in 2013]
30 [in 2014]

Date of Birth: 7th of October

Gender: female

Occupation: normal member

Location and color of Guild mark: bellow her belly button; red


Magical Skills: can use Fire Magic;

Description of the main magic: carries around a compact powder shaped lacrima, called Mars Crystal. She uses it to cast 2 spells:
Hoop of Fire Creates one or multiple hoops of fire the user can spin around their own body or launch at the opponent.
Gloves of Fire Hands become engulfed in destructive flames.

Uses a Weapon: no


Personality: independent; hates following rules and fitting in;

Likes: hot things; handsome men; money; shopping;

Dislikes: children; being selfless;

Dream: to live without any kind of worries;

Biggest enemy: Beor Lockhart, now known as Adrian Lockhart

Quotes: „I’m gonna find you even in the pits of Hell!”
„Let it burn, so it can be purified.”
„There’re wounds that time itself picks at.”


❥ Adrian Lockhart (mortal enemy)
❥ Maggie Lockhart (acquaintance) †
❥ Elenora Clarencieux (older sister)
❥ Raye Hamilton (guild master)
❥ Aly Spade (friend)
❥ Mike Balestra (fiancé)


Bio: In her teen years she befriended the wrong kind of people and ran away from home. At age 20, self-declared „Soldier of Flame and Passion” lost control over a fire she herself created and caused the death of little Maggie. Was chased by her father and she lost her eye in the aftermath.

At age 28, she joined the Blood Seed guild on Earthland.


Any Special/Random Things: hates rabbits; misses her right eye, wears an eyepatch; she’s quite the acrobat, although her sight is impared;
'Eclair's BS written app
After a talk with Macy-chick, this is the result! Edo-Liona! :la:

I'm trying hard not to make Blood Seed into the anti-Lantern Heads...

Adrian and Maggie belong to Macy-chick ~MacyPokemonMaster
Name: Liona Papini  リオナ・パピニ [Riona Papini]


Age: 28 [in 2012]
29 [in 2013]
30 [in 2014]

Date of Birth: 7 October

Gender: female

Occupation: S-Class Member

Location and color of Guild mark: on the outside of her left thigh; golden


Magical Skills: Mirror Magic

Description of the main magic: Can conjure silver-framed mirrors to do her bidding
*Spells: Mirror Tracker: a single silver-framed mirror appears in front of the user (Liona) and it shows the location of a person or an object; the least draining spell;
Mirror Speaker: a pair of mirrors materialize: one in front of the user (Liona) and one in front of her long distance interlocutor; the people on the ends of this means of communications can see and talk to each other;
Mirror Sender: similar to Mirror Speaker, but the interlocutors can exchange small items
Mirror of Soul: conjures the dream mirrors that all people possess. The user exploits their victims and look at their soul mirrors in order to see if a certain something is hiding there. If the the Soul mirrors are destroyed, so are the victims’ souls.

Attacks: she is specialized in support magic described above;

Other magical skills: none

Uses a Weapon: no


Personality: mild, polite and without any clear faults;

Phrases: "You know... I know a girl... that’s growing up without her parents at her side. She’s still very little, but I hope she grows to be as kind as you are, Sara-chan."
”I’ll make it the least painful I can.”

Likes: cute things

Dislikes: cannibalism

Dream: being able to live with her daughter Otta; (Cat’s existance is preventing her from doing so)

Biggest enemy: Cat Lunar the canibal


❥ Cat Lunar (enemy)
❥ Beor Lunar-Tower (childhood friend)
❥ Fredrik Klykon (ex-lover)
❥ Carlotta ”Otta” Papini (daughter)
❥ Rosa Light (guild master; friend)
❥ Sara (best friend)
❥ Lero Lighthammer (friend)
❥ Maggie Lunar-Tower (friend)
❥ Jclaw Longstride (fiancé)
❥ Ironspikes (friend)
❥ Bright Ring (friend)
❥ Adrian Lockhart (friend)
❥ Neena Lockhart (acquaintance)
❥ Elenora Papini (older sister)
❥ Adriana Rosie Lockhart (acquaintance)
❥ Romeo Papini (son)
❥ Fallon Marin (acquaintance)
❥ Galileo (acquaintance)
❥ Elyssion Vrax (acquaintance)


Bio: Liona doesn’t talk about her past or the circumstances in which she lost her arm; she has her daughter live away in the ”grave-city” Garoafa to protect her from the dangers of magical missions. Bright Ring was the one who made her a new arm with his Ruby Lantern and Make Magic, for which she payed a little fortune; her new arm is much stronger than a human arm. Since their first meeting, she’s been making desperate efforts to become friends with Adrian Lockhart, who bears a strong ressemblance to her childhood friend Beor Tower. During a fight, abusing her magical powers, she learned about his past tragedy; to make up for intruding his mind, she kept his secret.


Any Special/Random Things: theme song: Within Temptation - Faster; always wears a silver ring on her middle finger; her left arm is made of gold and rubies;
Liona's LH written app
<scratch>new chara profile finally up! :dummy:</scratch> or not so new anymore... app is already 2 years old...
Summer is here. Rejoice.
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Rusari Jubakuno

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